AccessResources - Links, Links


Welcome to the online version of the AccessResources.

This site will contain only an extract of the database version of the AccessResource. Hence I've tried to pick up a few interesting and informative samples from more then 3.300 links you can find in the database.

I've tried to sort these links by key words, and I guess it's not astonishing that you may find some of these links twice.   

However, stepping through the alphabet will take a while - I've just finished character "B" and I'm working on "C".

What you may not expect here are direct download links, but the link to the site of the author respectively the download area of the source. I believe that's a matter of fairness to those sharing their knowledge with the whole world.

Any comments on the AccessResources are very appreciated. If you miss one of your favourite sides do not hesitate to contact me, the mailf orm is just one click away.